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About us

Who are we Bioenergy LT?

Bioenergy LT is innovative technology company that develops and produces biological products. Advanced production technology and scientific research let us produce exclusive products for plants nutrition optimization and recovery of natural balance of the soil.

Bioenergy LT products help to find solutions in many other problems: water treatment, fat digestion, chemicals and oil decomposition, other industrial questions.

We offer high quality products justified by experiments in our research laboratory. We perform examination in biochemistry, microbiology, fermentation and biosynthesis areas.

Bioenergy LT meets the highest standards of quality. Certified by ISO 9001:2008, FiBL.

In January of 2017, Bioenergy LT began to operate new automatic bioreactor line, which will let us to increase production capacity.


By production capacity we are leading company in Nordic region. Our production is exported to more than 20 countries worldwide.

Why our production technology is unique?

There are many producers of biological products. Why are we better? Bacteria are living microorganisms and their life cycle depends on surrounding environment. Most products which consists of bacteria have a short validity time and strict application rules.

They cannot be mixed with pesticides, fertilizers or other bacterial products. It may reduce effectiveness of products and bacteria.

Our unique technology enables us to stop bacteria growth in certain stage – spore stage. Thanks to this technology the bacteria becomes stable and resistant to adverse environmental factors. Our products can be mixed with all pesticides and fertilizers (unless producers of pesticides and fertilizers states otherwise). Our products can be adapted to usual fertilization plan and give higher economical effect.

 During development of products we cooperate with universities, research institutes and large group of scientists around the world. We always searching for solutions for the problems found in the crop fields.

 Bioenergy LT products are used and tested in many different climatic and geographic regions: from short vegetation period in Siberia up to long and hot summers in Brasil. Our products are used in many different crops, vegetables and fruits.

Companies, which use imported raw materials, intermediate offal and is necessary bioreactor technology equipment, we offer to use our huge production capacity potential.

We offer to give orders for individual products or the creation of new products. Please be assured that based on our accumulated scientific research practices, knowledge and technological advantages of the equipment, we will produce products which meet the highest quality and most advanced global biotechnology industry standards.


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