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Conference in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan


At the end of summer, we visited several science institutions and farms in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We quickly realized the problems that need to be solved by farmers in these countries.

The situation is familiar, don’t care about the soil biological activity, chemical fertilizers are used without evaluating the properties of the soil, too much phosphorus in soil, there is a lack of soil cultivation culture, and of corse, it is hard to choose other technologies, because of psychological problems. As a result, local conferences have been organized by local experts to discuss topics of what concern to them. A guest from Canada, Joel Williams, read about soil properties, how to stabilize them and improve them in the future. Microbiologist from VU dr. Audrius Gegeckas has consistently explained the significance of microorganisms to soil processes and plant productivity. Introduced the most popular microbiological products that are being used in agriculture. VDU ŽŪA Assoc. Vytautas Liak emphasized the most important mistakes in plant cultivation technology, and in his opinion, if some of the problems were not resolved, it would not make sense to talk about successful farming.

The largest conference was held in Tashkent, with over 150 agricultural professionals gathered. The speakers had a difficult task as they were talking about increasing the productivity of unusual plants (cotton). However, with the knowledge of plant physiology and environmental factors, the issues were solved easily, all the more, results of the testing of preparations were positive last year. After conference it is expected that farmers will be easier to take decisive steps and introduce advanced technologies.

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