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Bioenergy LT visiting farmers fields


Bioenergy LT
consultants improving their qualifications by analysing situation and planing workflow in farmers field.

Today, the most important thing is soil protection against degradation. There was made numerous studies to find out alternative ways of fertilizing. The purpose is to find the way without damaging the soil and avoiding undesirable effects on the quality of the products produced. Recently, farmers are preparing seeds for sowing, and have they often thought about inoculants? The use of microbiological inoculants with nitrogen fixating bacteria can replace or supplement the techniques of fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers. The reduction of mineral fertilizer rates is fully in line with the concept of integrated agricultural production by the biology of crop production technologies. Applying these new methods requires constant use of available knowledge and direct education of agricultural professionals, which is why we are all here in the farmers' fields. Formation of new habits should be done in a targeted way, spreading knowledge about soil fertility while retaining all its biological and technical parameters. Inoculation can be used not only to bean seeds, but also to the seeds of corn, wheat, rape and other plants. This has been done successfully with our products in other countries. Selecting appropriate groups of microorganisms for seed coagulation preserves soil biogenicity, satisfies physiological needs of plants for necessary assimilation of nutrients, ensures control of phytopathogens, cultivates healthy crop production that satisfying all ecological and economic needs of the vital system.

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