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Effective use of straws

2017 07 14
Harvest time is very complicated this year. Farmers must be careful and should not make mistakes those will have effect for their profit next year. Farmers are in hurry to harvest all the fields because of rain, yields and grain quality grows worse every day. Fields are very wet, harvesters and tractors leave huge trails. We can not do anything about it but our duty is to remind few things.

Soon farmers will have the question : what to do with crop residue?  There is no farm where it would not be a problem. Some solve it simply – sell straws, other ones – plow. But in practice we see that these solutions are not effective. Soil loses potential of getting large amounts of nutrients. Especially of organic carbon and nitrogen. To restore it costs big amounts of money.

,,Bioenergy LT“  urges farmers to change view about residue. Straws accumulate about 50 % nutrients those are needed for plants. We must see residue as the source of nutrients. Important that we can bring residue nutrients back to the soil.  More and more landowners have changed their view and use straws as source of nitrogen , phosphorus, potassium and many microelements.

It is not the news, that for mineralization of one ton of straws needs 10 kg of nitrogen. If 7-8 t/ha left in the field, mineralization requires 70-80 kg of nitrogen.In this case, soil fertility is going down.

Our desire is to help farmers to avoid unnecessary expenses. For that reason we started to produce ,,destroyer of residue“ – Ruinex. Thichoderma fungus works not only as residue destructor, but also cleans soil from pathogens. Fungus, containing in the product, is capable of destructing complex compounds. Also has ability to protect plant from diseases. Ruinex can be applied to all sorts of crops, but most important – product must be used before tillage.

And one more time – why Ruinex ?

Carbon and nitrogen are in unavailable forms in the straws. For microorganisms it is difficult task to use it as nutrition. In intensive farms, decomposition of straws requires 100 kg / ha of nitrogen. If we apply Ruinex , fungus which contains in the product, requires very little amount of nitrogen. If we use Ruinex, 3kg/ha of nitrogen is enough for decomposition. For that reason we recommend to add 0.5 l / ha Azofix.


,,Bioenergy LT ‘‘

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