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Exhibition “Ką pasėsi..2019”


International agriculture exhibition "Ką pasėsi...2019"

There are more and more cases when poor quality fertilizers have been delivered to farmers, as a result, farmers have crop productivity losses. At the exhibition “Ką pasėsi..2019” Bioenergy consultants advised farmers on what to do in one case or another, and whether they could reduce mineral fertilizer rates to preserve plant productivity. We have explained to farmers that soil is one of the most important natural resources and the main plant growth environment. Any human intervention: tillage, the use of fertilizers and pesticides can affect the condition of the soil. The use of nitrogen fertilizers in crop production has a negative impact on the condition of the soil. First the amount of organic substance, microbiological life and soil pH. Furthermore, soil organic substance is a soil warehouse that contains the most essential nutrients for plants. Numerous studies of nitrogen fertilizers show that plants take more nitrogen from the soil than fertilizer during vegetation. We have to plant crop technology so that it does not suffer from the soil, but it is unfortunate that chemical compounds are more important for those who need to be most concerned about soil. Understanding will come later, but will it not be too late to start managing processes in the soil?

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