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Farm Academy 2018 second day


Farmers believe that the Farm Academy 2018 conference was very helpful.

The second day began with a message about the importance of potassium for plants and the potential to increase the efficiency of this element. In the coming years, Bioenergy LT recommends to use the potassium-mobilizing product Bacto K, the bacteria present in this product will initiate potassium accumulation in the root zone, and potassium fertilizers sprayed on plants will stimulate the movement of nutrients in plants. We think that the problem of potassium, phosphorus has already been solved, and farmers have to make the right decisions. Joel Williams, the Canadian speaker, was talking about importance of organic carbon in soil. Recently most important issue is how to increase organic carbon reserves in soil, because these reserves directly affects profitability of crop production.

ASU doc. Vytautas Liakas was explaining that good machinery or seeds, fertilizers, pesticides do not guarantee success if all of them are not connected to a particular chain. Soil is the basis for agriculture, which is where food production begins. Today, farmers just need to combine all the chain parts to one. Until now it was difficult to do, because there was not enough effective biological preparations. However, microbiologists have worked hard and now we have effective biological preparations that improve the soil properties. Vytautas Liakas said that even very experienced farmers were surprised by the potential yield of some plants. One farmer who has been using this maize cultivation technology has reached an average yield of 16 t / ha (3500 ha), there were fields with a yield of 19 t / ha. The farmer admitted that he was surprised by such fertility.

As the result of increased yield, farmers also needed dryers, and a Latvian representative told about the GSI dryers. The conference ended with the award evening and a great festive program.

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