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Time to stop fighting with the environment


Today it is not necessary for farmers to interpret that plants in the course of vegetation are constantly exposed to stress induced by biotic or abiotic factors. In these conditions, it is important to increase plant resistance to pathogens, but it is necessary to have a good understanding of the physiology of plants and pathogens, but also their interrelationships, which is particularly important for the development of an effective plant protection strategy.

Many modern plant protection technologies provide for stringent plant protection measures against diseases, such as seed dressing and crop spraying with fungicides. However, these measures are environmentally unsafe, therefore, we constantly improve plant protection solutions by combining chemical plant protection products with biological preparations that activate the plant's immune system.


We can not lag behind global trends, reduce the standards for chemical plant protection products and look for alternative plant nutrition sources, and strengthen the plant's immune system through microbiological preparations. Recently, scientists focused on the development and use of biological preparations that activate plant physiological processes in practice. Currently, new preparations are being tested, protecting plants for a long time from adverse environmental factors. So far, farmers prefer chemical plant protection products, because the effect is more visible and biological processes work more slowly. Biopharmaceuticals need to be used prophylactically as a long-term solution to the problem. The use of chemicals requires reconciliation with the negative effects of pesticides on the environment, the emergence of resistant weeds, pests and diseases, and most importantly, the biological agro-enzymes balance changes, which often results in unexpected outbreaks of plant diseases or pest infestations.


In the developed world, these facts force strong plant protection measures to be replaced by biological products that do not harm humans and the environment. Their principle of action is fundamentally different from chemical preparations, because the goal is not to destroy, but to regulate the population of pathogens, to form competition between good and bad microorganisms, inducing system stability.


Bioproducts produced by Bioenergy LT act as a trigger, thanks to metabolic-borne plant protection reactions. By using biological preparations, the mechanisms of their plant protection system are activated. In addition, bacteria - antagonists activate the mechanisms of plant protection against abiotic stress. Research shows that the use of biological products is a viable option for the formation of plant protection functions.


In nature, most plants are symbiotic in relation to soil microflora. Commonly found in Rhizobium, Bacillus, Pseudomonas, Serratia strains of bacteria.


Today, we can recommend products for the farmers which contain microorganisms capable of synthesizing compounds that regulate plant growth, which are bacteria that isolate naturally occurring growth regulators (phytohormones) - auxins, gibberellin, and cytokinins.


In the spring, we can recommend preparations in which the microorganisms release enzymes that activate root growth, using the preparation the plant roots more intensively water the water and, thus, the dissolved nutrients.


In our opinion, it is necessary to change the attitude of the environment and to stop fighting with it, because the environment is a complicated mechanism whose influence on our behavior is very significant and we can not ignore it.

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