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Education for farmers


This year, we focus on education for farmers.

Over the years we have realized that many people have lack of knowledge of soil properties and processes in it. Soil is the most important component for growing plants, even if it is slightly abandoned or considered to be just physical support for plants. Farmers have a great knowledge of plant-growing technologies, but sometimes they lack some sort of tinyness to understand about the danger to plants that come from soil. Sometimes it is really difficult to understand where plant diseases come from because they are able to masquerade well, especially because we do not notice the hidden cycle in the soil. The instalation of bio-technologies can have a major impact on soil health by altering its physical and chemical properties and influencing the community of micro-organisms. The practice of the use of micro-organisms shows that improving soil properties increases the potential of soil to inhibit pathogens. A particular variety of situations complicates the case study, but based on studies and observations we can recommend a soil improvement methodology for a specific farm. In this year's training, we introduced a definition of healthy soil and what concepts are hidden under the words "soil health". After years of laboratory and field testing, we can select the best microorganism cultures to control the spread of soil-borne diseases.

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