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Positive humus balance is possible in the soil


In the winter rapeseed we see white foam signs. This year, the conditions for the spread of this disease are very good, farmers say that even fungicides did not protect properly. Some have noticed that using a hybrid plant protection system gave a little bit better results. Why is it recommended to introduce mixed plant protection technology? Some soil-based micro-organisms have antibiotic properties and their properties must be exploited against fungal plant diseases. On this basis Bioenergy has developed several biological preparations. After harvesting, one of the key products on farms should become Ruinex. This is a generator of biologically active substances.

Enzymes and other substances released from the use of Ruinex not only actively degrade plant residues but also contribute to the strengthening of the immune system of plants. The use of Ruinex improves soil properties and, of course, the productivity of plants. Trials showed that after using Ruinex in combination with Azofix in spring, after harvesting stubble shaving, it needed 34% less fuel and for plowing - 14 percent. The use of Ruinex in combination with Azofix after harvest help to accelerate mineralization of crop residue and the accumulation of nitrogen in the soil. When farmers ask where to get money for fertilizers, we answer the question to the question - there is a lot of nitrogen in the air, why do not you use it in production? The nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Azofix) are "recruited" by spraying them on residue, not only they will supply the nitrogen to the microorganisms involved in the process of mineralization of plant residues, but still accumulate up to 30 kg / ha of nitrogen in the soil. Using this combination, 24% less of energy needed to cut  the rape straw after a week. After 3 weeks - 28%, compared with untreated straw. Sprayed straw is mineralized faster and does not interfere with soil tillage and sowing.

As a solution to straw as a disturbance to other works, we have solved the problem, but plant residues are a source of nutrients that need to be fully exploited. Today, many people are talking about the use of plant residues as a necessity to adjust the balance of humus in the soil. Biological agents should be used also due to the fact that under intensive farming conditions there are many factors limiting the actual soil fertility. The mineralization of soil does not contribute to the adverse effects of soil properties (erosion, deficit or excessive moisture, unbalanced fertilization, soil structure degradation, soil compression). No one really counts how much farmers have lost their humus in recent years. Scientists from some countries are really worried,  because of a negative annual humus balance of 0.7 t / ha per year. In particular, dehumidification processes have intensified in recent years, in violation of the established balance of organic matter. A change in the organic material decomposition structure results in large losses of organic carbon due to CO2 emission. It is not easy to regulate the processes occurring in the soil, because even in a small areas, the composition of microorganisms varies greatly. Bioenergy specialists are doing a lot of research to reduce the risk of misuse of preparations. For example, when going from north to south bacteria and actinomycetes increase and fungus content decreases. A certain cyanosis of microorganisms, having a certain structure, develops on a specific soil. It is believed that the intensive work of the soil and the use of chemical plant protection products significantly changed the species composition of microorganisms. Some strains are already on the verge of extinction, most of them are pathogens, perhaps because of this we can not deal with some plant diseases with fungicides alone.

We found that Ruinex was the most active in the development of good micro-organisms and helped release the nutrients needed from microorganisms and plants from the plant residues by studying the soil in different places. Azofix in this case performs the function of the energy supply element. We think that step by step we will solve the problems of soil degradation, we will find that the balance of humus in the soil is positive.



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