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Get rid of straw residue with RUINEX


Fertility and stability of outdoor plants depends by 15-20 % on soil properties, 40% - used fertilizers, 15 - 20%. - plant protection products and 10 to 15% - from other factors. The essence of the problem is the increasing agricultural intensity, which has increased the rate of soil degradation, resulting in a significant decrease in soil humus and biological activity. Scientists have calculated that farmers do not balance the extraction and contamination of organic matter, resulting in an average loss of 0.7 to 0.9 t / ha of humus every year. Some soils have changed so that soil surveyors can rename them. At the moment, before fertilizing, farmers must remember that fertilizers are an anthropogenic factor that strongly affects not only the soil, but also the whole agrofitocenosis.

Growers need to understand that the effectiveness of fertilizers directly depends on the soil residues and the biological activity in the soil. In practice, all cultivated non-cultivated vegetable residues will have a negative balance of organic matter (with more organic matter being harvested). It is necessary to slow down the mineralization of humus and not to accelerate it. The worst thing is that so far, the training on plant residue bringing to soil has been ignored.
An alternative to rigorous soil use is the introduction of safe crop production. The first step should start with the RUINEX biological preparation. The combination of Ruinex, Azofix and PenergeticK on the straw, after three weeks, straw do not cause problems, they gradually integrate into the soil structure. Using Biologicals Ruinex, Azofix, Fosfix, Penergetic K, Bactoforce in crop technologies up to 20 - 35%. reducing fuel consumption, doubling the efficiency of mineral fertilizers, increasing the efficiency of plant protection products by 6 times, increasing labor productivity by up to 3 times.
Bioenergy technologies ensure efficient use of non-commercial products (straw) for improving soil properties.



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