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Lets raise the economic indicators of the economy with RUINEX


Crop residues are an important source of nutrients for the soil. With 8 tons of straw you can return on average 56 kg of nitrogen, 21 kg of phosphorus, 84 kg of potassium, 15 kg of magnesium and 12 kg of sulfur, as well as a whole range of trace elements, after proper treatment in the soil. However, degradation of plant residues does not occur as quickly as we would like, because the soil does not have a specific microflora, and, depending on the soil conditions, the decomposition of plant residues takes about 3 to 5 years, and nutrients are not included in the soil in the first year. Lignin accumulates in soil, phenols that inhibit the growth of plant crops and slow down the mineralization of organic compounds, accumulate pathogens and toxins from fungi in the soil.

Someone trying to promote mineralization with nitrogen fertilizers. Is it the right solution? Nitrogen can be said to partially stimulate mineralization, but the worst thing is that it activates anaerobic soil microflora, in the first place - a disease causing. Scientists at LAMMC have found that nitrogen initiates the development of fusarium in particular. By activating the pathogens, the germination of the seeds of the sown plants is firstly inhibited, diseases are increasing in the crops, which is directly related to the costs of fungicides and other growth stimulants. Expenditures are increasing, and fertility is not.
In order to solve the problem, we have developed a product that promotes mineralization of the residues and suppresses pathogens. This is RUINEX. RUINEX - A preparation capable of breaking down complex polymer residues of plant residues, has protective and growth-enhancing properties. RUINEX is highly effective, non-hazardous to plants, animals and humans registered for organic farming.
Spray dried plant residues with Ruinex, the mineralization processes take place until late autumn, until the temperature of the air drops to 5 ° C, and resumes in the spring when the air temperature becomes positive. Strain mineralization with Ruinex takes 3 to 4 months, please note this. If unexpected adverse environmental conditions occur, the microorganisms present in the preparation pass into the spore stage and become resistant to adverse conditions. The product can be combined with herbicides.
Ruinex - helps to significantly reduce the costs of using autumn nitrogen fertilizers, accelerates the mineralization of plant residues, destroys pathogens spreading through residues and soil, increase soil yields as soil nutrients come from plant residues and activate good soil microorganisms, the average yield of field plants increases by 10 - 30%, fuel consumption for land cultivation decreases by 21% for the first year of use.


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