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Why Maxprolin?Maxprolin

Pure 99,5 proc. L-α proline acid. Irreplaceable amino acid intended to spray through the leaves or seed treatment.
The product used for reducing biotic and abiotic plant stress. Regulate the macro and micro nutrient uptake and stimulate plant natural defense mechanisms.

Operating principle:

It contains L-α proline (amino acid) easily assimilated by plants that has a multiple effect
on the growth and development of plants and performs a protective function of cells as
well as helps to adapt under adverse environmental conditions. L-α proline balances the
metabolism processes of vital substances and compensates their shortage.

Benefits of MaxProlin:

Reduces consequences of draught, temperature variations, waterlogging

Increases accumulation of sugars in cells and resistance of plants to winter stress

Improves metabolism and enhances the effect of other enzymes

Enhances formation of pollen and embryogenesis

Increases productivity and quality of harvest



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