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Why Azofix Rhizo?Azofix Rhizo

Azofix Rhizo – biological product, which consists of specific bacteria Rhizobium. These bacteria are known for ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen (N2) and transform to available form(NH4) for legumes. 
Product increases legumes plants productivity, and helps to restore natural soil qualities.

Operating principle:

Contains symbiotic bacterium Rhizobium leguminosarum that ensures efficient formation
of root nodules and fixation of atmospheric nitrogen, feeds the plant with nitrogen and
releases biologically active substances which promote plant growth and development.

Benefits of Azofix Rhizo:

Improves seed germination and viability

Increases assimilation surface of plants and photosynthesis

Improves intensive formation of blooms and legumes

Increases the protein and grain harvest

Provides the crop with nitrogen reserves

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