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Calcium balance

Why Bacto K ?

It is well-known that potassium (K) is a major nutrient ingredient and is one of the main components in all living cells. The soil has naturally accumulated high levels of potassium compounds, but most of it is not directly available to plants.

Chemical use of potassium fertilizers is no longer as effective and often has a negative impact on sustainable agriculture. Potassium compounds dissolving microorganisms can be successfully used in agriculture in order to converting insoluble potassium minerals into soluble and thus making potassium available to plants. Potassium compounds melting microorganisms naturally occurring in soils, but their number, variety and potential dissolving K-compounds greatly depends on the soil and climatic conditions themselves.  Of course, these microorganisms effectively dissolves silicate minerals into the environment by separating organic and inorganic acids,

Operating principle: 

Contains symbiotic bacterium Rhizobium leguminosarum that ensures efficient formation
of root nodules and fixation of atmospheric nitrogen, feeds the plant with nitrogen and
releases biologically active substances which promote plant growth and development.

Benefits of Bacto K:

Improves assimilation of potassium fertilisers

Improves growth of roots and root hairs

Increases resistance to droughts and frost

Accelerates photosynthesis processes

Improves the quality of harvest


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