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Why FosfixFosfix?

Fosfix – contains of bacteria Bacillus sp., when it’s applied on the soil, it releases phosphorus from plant unavailable forms such as calcium, iron and aluminum phosphates, and turns them into plant available forms of organic phosphorus. When using this product the plants do not feel phosphorus deficiency, may gradually evolve and mature harvest. Scientific studies have shown that in just one month after treatment with Fosfix, the amount of available for plants phosphorus in the soil increases by 22%, and in two months by 31%.

After using Fosfix sugar content in plants significantly increases as well. It is very important for winter rape, crops, as sugar content of the plant is one of the most important wintering determining factors for the plant.

Operating principle:

It contains Bacillus sp. bacterium that actively extracts organic acids dissolving lowsolubility
(calcium, magnesium, ferrum, aluminium) phosphates and releasing
phosphorus that is easily assimilated by plants. This bacterium extracts bioactive
substances that stimulate the growth and development of plants.

Benefits of Fosfix:

Increases the uptake of Phosphorus by crops
Stimulates development and growth of plant root system
Enhances bioactivity of the soil
Improves assimilation of other macro and micro elements
Increases productivity and quality of harvest



Safety Data Sheet

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