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Penergetic K

Take advantage of biostimulation with the Penergetic technology for accelerated decomposting and better in-barn environment.

Penergetic k is a rotting agent for solid manure and compost. It promotes the decomposting of organic material and accelerates the composting process. Aerobic rotting promotes a sustainable formation of humus and consequently adds value to the compost.

When used in composting, penergetic k leads directly to odour reduction and stabilization of the aerobic environment. The product is also suitable for use in the barn. Here, the aerobic process begins immediately after application and is sustainably stabilized. Due to the reduction of odour, this has a direct effect on the in-barn climate and thus also on livestock husbandry.


penergetic k is added to the compost or applied on bedding in the barn. penergetic k can be applied dry (mixed with sand or similar material) or, alternatively can be applied by mixing with water first.

An application is recommended by Penergetic Int., but should be adapted to the local conditions, such as weather, climate, compost composition, etc.


Calcium Bentonite

6 gr/m2 or 50 gr/m3


6 ml/m2 or 50 ml/m3

The indicated dosages are general standards. Please ask for certain types of compost and have the dosage adapted to the specific needs!

Benefits of Penergetic K :

Improves compost quality

Supports increased humus

Mitigates in-barn odours

Converts ammonia

Reduces fly and insect pressures


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