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Penergetic P

Take advantage of biostimulation with the Penergetic technology for increased crop yield and plant quality.

Penergetic p is used as a plant tonic. The product has a stabilizing effect on plant growth and strengthens the immune system of the plants. This reduces susceptibility to diseases and pest infestation.

Additional benefit is the stimulation on microbiology in the root area and the increase the plant's natural nutrient uptake. Plants become more resistant and through that show a better productivity. It also has a positive effect on photosynthesis, improving growth and crop yields. By stimulating root growth with penergetic p in combination with mycorrhizae, the plant can naturally better access the soil-bound plant nutrients and through this improved nutrient uptake, the addition of synthetic nutrients (fertilizer) can be reduced.


penergetic p is used as seed, leaf or soil application. It can be mixed with pesticides or fertilizers.

Penergetic Int. makes an application recommendation, but should be adapted to local conditions, such as climate, plant species, soil conditions, etc.

In the case of large areas under cultivation, we recommend carrying out specific analyses beforehand.


Calcium Bentonite

100-500 g/ha


100-500 ml/ha

The indicated dosages are general standards. Please ask for specific cultures and have the dosage adapted to the specific needs!

Benefits of Penergetic P :

Promotes increased yield

Accelerates photosynthesis activity and chlorophyll

Strengthens plants and increases resistance

Increases mycorrhizal fungi

Improves nutrients flow


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