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Penergetic T

Take advantage of biostimulation with the Penergetic technology for sustainable and beneficial animal husbandry.

A good basic feed is the basis for a healthy animal population and a high-quality end product. penergetic t was specially developed to support, maintain and promote animal health and welfare.

As basis substances from nature were used, which have a biostimulant effect on the immune system and the digestion of the animals. The animals are naturally strengthened. This has a positive effect on their entire organism. In addition to the general standard product, specific combinations for individual animal species and special needs have been developed.


penergetic t is a single feedstuff. The required quantity of penergetic t can be mixed with the feed. It can also be mixed with mineral feed, dissolved in water, mixed over silage, hay, grass, etc.

Penergetic t is not a substitute for veterinary measures!


Calcium Carbonate

2-5 gr/LSU (Live-Stock-Unit) or



The indicated dosages are general standards. Please ask for specific animal species or breeds and have the dosage adapted to the specific needs!

Benefits of Penergetic T :

Promotes weight gain

Improves meat quality

Improves digestion

Boost the immune system

Better nutrient utilization


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